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Rapidly becoming rich in praise we would like you to add your story on how the Vickery Sea Plant Minerals (and Essential Sugars) helped you with your condition.

My Dad, 92 years old, had a PSA test and it was 6.0. After 3 weeks of Sea Plant Minerals it is down to 4.9.

A bit of background info: He has a history of high PSA test from a couple of years ago, and at that time controlled it with a sea weed type supplement he got from a “health” store in Boca Raton called Barry’s Vitamins. Barry gave him a very expensive bottle of something with Barry’s label on it that described the contents as sea weed derived, and charged my dad $100 for a month’s supply. Dad took it for 6 weeks and in that time his PSA went from 8 to 4. He continued to take it until he tested at 2. Then Barry stopped carrying it and replaced it with something for twice the price. My dad said “forget about it” and stopped buying it.

Back to now: Recently he had another PSA test and it was 6.0.

I looked online for something that might connect PSA and sea minerals and googled a product called Vickery Sea Plant Minerals at Life-Enthusiast Co-op.

The cost of this product from Life-Enthusiast Co-op was $17.00 a bottle (a month’s supply). My dad ordered 3 bottles. After taking the product for 3 weeks, he went back to be tested again, and his test result was 4.9. In 3 weeks it went from 6.0 to 4.9.

Naturally he is continuing to take it.

Three months ago I felt as thought I would never feel well again. There was little quality in my life.I had been doctoring for many years. I felt I had run the gambit. I was doing all the things that were good for my body, yoga, massage work, cranial sacral sessions, eating organic food, drinking the best filtered water , and taking very good supplements that were to help my physical condition. This routine absolutely made my condition better but still I was suffering from depression, severe pain, fatigue, sleepless nights, digestive problems, and extremely low energy. The routine I implemented was helping me but I felt I was loosing the battle. If I lay down on the couch I would fall asleep. Anything I did caused pain, walking standing, sitting and lifting even 5 or 6 pounds. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal stenosis, Hashimoto’s disease, degenerative disc disease, chronic bladder infections for which I had to be on antibiotics constantly, and I carried staph and strep infection in my body that put me in the hospital two times this past year and I became septic two years ago. This nearly took my life. In April of 2008, I contacted Dr Brice Vickery by email and one day a couple of weeks later, his assistant called me and we set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr Vickery.

After my consultation, Dr Vickery told me what he felt the problems were and told me what supplements he felt I should take. He also advised that I go on the Double Edged Sword Diet.

I assured him that I would do all that he recommended as I truly wanted to be well. So I ordered my supplements and after they came with the directions for the diet, I started Dr Vickery’s regime.

The first five weeks were very rough, I felt even worse, but Dr Vickery’s assistant, Eve, gave me support and I persevered and I believed in Dr Vickery, his reputation preceded him. At the end of the second month, I was feeling much better, and my consultation confirmed I was absolutely much better. I continued on the third month with the directions Dr Vickery gave me and continued taking the supplements he recommended, and now my pain is remarkably decreased, the depression is better, fatigue has left me, my energy increased, the dicomfort in my stomach is gone and my digestion is good.

Dr Vickery is an amazing and wonderful doctor and he has changed my life.

Now I can truly enjoy each day.

Thank you Dr Vickery.

S Loeper

QUESTION and GOOD NEWS, I feel great taking three Sea Plant Minerals/day. You mentioned testing me this week (soon?) – to see if I can up it to six per day. Please let me know if this still sounds like a plan and when I should call.

Thanks so much.

Sure hope all is well with you - !!

I’m feeling great, still doing yoga for an hour a half a day and running around Green Lake (3.5 miles) every morning with my dog… some days I go twice around the lake.

S.K. 7/7/2006

I called you to ask if you had any recommendations going into thyroid surgery in 2006. You said that you were going to prepare a pre-surgery nutrition package but had no done so yet. You thought that I espacially needed your Vickery Sea Plant MInerals and Glyconutrients as well as your Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus, the Bio Multi, Platinum Flax Borage, and extra crystalline C.

This was two weeks before my scheduled surgery for thyroid nodules. On the day of my surgery the doctor came to my room and checked me one more time. He said, “There will be no surgery.” He said, “There are no more nodules on your thyroid.” You can go home! Thank God I had an honest doctor (with good hands) and I thank God for you and your products. God Bless!

Mrs. F. J. 11/24/2006

Dear SuperNutrient Corporation: 3/23/2007

I started using your Vickery Essential Amino Acids years ago and am in pretty good shape for a 79 year old. I had one problem however which was getting worse over a 10 year span. This was BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlargement of the prostate.

My PSA went up to 8.0 as I was taking saw palmetto which helps to control this somewhat. In spite of that the PSA was steadily rising and I had to see my urologist every four months. I also heard that saw palmetto works by destroying prostatic cells.

About three months ago I started to take Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Glyconutrients. On my recent checkup the doctor asked me what I was taking and proceeded to tell him. He said, “I don’t know anything about that but keep on doing what you are doing because your PSA is down to 6 and I won’t see you for six months”!

Thanks again for this simple solution to my problem. I hope that this will help other men who are having the same problem, which my urologist says is very common after 70.

Donald K.

Aiken, SC

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