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Dr Richard Olree -- Minerals for the Genetic Code




Dr. Richard Olree

Quotes from his book:

Minerals for the Genetic Code

This is limited to some advanced information about iodine

but in his book and genetic chart all are covered in detail.

I love this quote: “…..That so far has baffled the fools and fooled the wise”.

( Example of mineral-amino acids relationships) “ On the Olree Standard Genetic Chart one finds an amino acid-mineral relationship. If a person expects to take in, for example, magnesium, then it is mandatory to have magnesium paired with alanine, an amino acid. It is the function of alanine to harvest magnesium from the intestinal tract and move it around. The mineral counterpart of the amino acid must function as a carrier. Minerals do not act on their own nor do amino acids act on their own. Minerals and amino acids get with each other to create three dimensional life forms.

“The -1 (valence or negative electric charge) controls all other -1s, bromine, chlorine and fluorine.” ( Halogens)

“CAG (Glutamine) and the mineral is iodine. The heaviest metal on the periodic chart with a -1 valence and the most powerful is iodine. Iodine is stored and regulated in the thyroid and is a major component in the production of thyroxin ( plus tyrosine) , the number free floating hormone in the blood stream. It is coupled to glutamine, the number 1 free amino acid in the bloodstream which controls the urinary bladder meridian (acupuncture UB). Iodine is the thermostat for the human body.”

“…….the most common tumor found in women: the fibrocystic tumor also called ovarian cyst. This a caffeine toxicity with an iodine deficiency. It is a problem that causes potassium imbalance. Iodine is a -1. It is there to hold and pressure the +1 of potassium. Potassium falls out of solution into pockets called cysts. The most notorius are fibrocystic breast disease or uterine abnormalities. The most common tumor found in women is a caffeine toxicity-iodine deficiency syndrome. When women are iodine deficient they crave chocolate, the repository of more caffeine than coffee. The caffeine addiction is a near perfect insurance for the tumors mentioned above.

" Iodine- the most important element for kidney function"

“ The brain can’t develop without iodine. The classic name for such shortfall is cretinism. A baby without iodine will be mentally retarded.”

“…. Fluorine inhibits iodine by the thyroid gland, hence a deficit of thyroxin and an inability to metabolize sugars.”

“ …..Hormones that are built with fluorine ( instead of iodine) force the body to an awesome task: getting rid of the garbage hormone. The legacy is awesome: a burned-out genetic code.”

“ The urinary bladder (UB meridian) ………arriving at the corner of the eye next to the nose. “Sleepies” in the eye represent iodine deficiency. “Sleepies” are the matter in the corner of the eye. Eye doctors have other explanations but kelp answers the problem. However that is not what the eye doctors recommend as they reach for the prescription pad. The resultant pharmaceutical will cover up the symptoms and leave the cause untouched,”

“An essential trace element iodine is: Essential for the metabolism of fats, helps with the assimilation of phosphorus and the utilization of calcium. …….Iodine must have the mineral selenium to make the thyroid work properly.”

This is presented to you as some of the important selections by gracious permission of Dr. Richard Olree, a foremost geneticist and widely acclaimed author. The parentheses and underlining are mine for emphasis and explanation. Copies of the book may be obtained from ORDER BOOK

 Dr. Brice E. Vickery 2007

Minerals for the Genetic Code

© 2006

Charles Walters

Acres USA

Important Words: iodine, iodine deficiency,  bromine, flourine, kidney functions, amino acids, olree standard genetic periodic chart, thyroxin, potassium, ovarian cyst, fibrocystic breast disease, uterine abnormalities, cretinism, mental deficiency, sleepies, fat metabolism, phosphorus assimilation, calcium utilization, selenium.

Copyright Dr. Brice E. Vickery


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